How Should I Organize A Group Meditation?

Group meditation events are great to spread peace and happiness to the society. Through shared intention created by these events, we can truly change the world. If you are planning to organise one, here we have some tips for you to make your group meditation event a success.

group-meditationThe Right Time

Time matters in whatever you do in life. In group meditation, the right time can enhance the experience of participants. Morning hours are great for group meditation. But if it doesn’t suit your audience, you can choose any time of the day that is appropriate for your audience. You can consult them about it.

If you organize group meditation event occasionally, you can choose popular days like a festival, special occasion, new year day etc. If you want to organize these group meditation events regularly, do it at same time and same place for all the events.

The Right Place

It is very important to decide that where you should host your group meditation event. You can organize it in an open place like a park or in a closed environment like your home or a yoga studio.

If you are planning to host it in a park, make sure the weather is clean. Usually, summer & springs are the best times to organize a group meditation event in an open space like park. There are many benefits to host a meditation event in the park. It brings you closer to the nature. You feel a connected sense inside your heart. Nature is the source of our existence so it feels good when we are near it. Also, open spaces like parks don’t cost anything.

You can organize the group meditation event in your home also. Decide a calm and peaceful area for that, where there would be no disturbance from outside world. The benefit of hosting an event inside your home is, you can organize it in bad weather also. You can offer your attendees things like chairs, couches etc. for comfortable meditation.

Yoga studio is another option for group meditation event. Yoga studios are professional and their places are usually well made. Another benefit for hosting a group meditation event in yoga studios is that, the yoga students who come there, may get interested in your group meditation event.

The Right Approach

Now that you have planned to organize group meditation event, it’s time to spread the word. Online media is a great way to let others know about your event. Create a Facebook event page and invite all your friends. Tweet about it. Email all your contacts so that they would know about the event. Publish details on your blog or website. We have a nice tool to do that. Just tell us your group meditation event information and we will create a beautiful widget for it. Just Register than Grab the code and put it on your website or blog. People who visit your website, will see it. They can add that event to their calendar application right from your website in one click.

Share your ideas with us, on organizing a group meditation event, below in comments.

Happy & Peaceful Meditating!

We Are Launching. Let’s Unite!

It all started with a small idea. An idea in which, lies the peace of the world and welfare of human beings. An idea that is so strong, it can bring happiness in the whole world.

group meditation

Group Meditation – a powerful way to bring calmness in mind, uplifting inner spirit to achieve collective growth. Many people organize group meditation events across the world. We thought to bring something for those good spirits so that they can easily spread the word about their group meditation events. is an effort to serve all who are engaged in this noble act. Here, we provide you tools to better organize your meditation event. Just signup to the website, create your group meditation event, take your widget and put it on your webpage or blog. This widget will help you spread the word of your event, making it easy for others to do meditation simultaneously across the world.

It has been quite a pretty journey for us. Our team worked very hard to bring it to you. We wanted to make it so simple yet powerful that our users can easily adopt it without any difficulties. Our programmers wrote complex codes in the backend so that on front end, users with slight technical knowledge or web-masters can integrate meditation widget on the website with ease.

The design of website & widget is very smooth. We took care of every detail. We made widget with tabs so that it occupies small space with more information embedded. Only show the information that you want. You can also change meditation images to suit your event.

We at Unite1 strive hard to make your group meditation event successful. Because we believe that group meditation is the way through which we can change many problems of the world. We can bring peace to the society. We can stop many negative things. We can make world a better place to live.

We are launching our product on January 12th, 2015. You are all welcome to join us in our endeavour. Let’s bring peace to the world. One group meditation event at a time.

Hundredth Monkey Effect And Group Meditation

We all want to see this world become a better place to live. We all want happiness in our lives. We all strive hard for a better future. We do various things to achieve these goals. One of them is Group Meditation – doing meditation in groups to achieve collective consciousness through which to make positive change in the society.

There is a phenomena that connects to group meditation. It is called Hundredth Monkey Effect. In 1950s, scientists of Japan did some experiments on Japanese Snow Monkeys. Dr. Lyall Watson (1938-2008) mentioned these studies in his book Lifetide (1979).

100 Monkey EffectAccording to Japanese experiment, in the island of Kosima, scientists began to drop sweet potatoes in the sand. Monkeys ate the sweet potatoes and didn’t give much attention to sand. After some years a female monkey found out that she could remove the sand off sweet potatoes by washing them in the sea water, thus making them tastier. She then taught this trick to her mother and playmates. Her playmates taught that to their mothers. This cultural innovation increased gradually but after few months, scientists had noticed that a massive number of monkeys started washing their potatoes. What scientists concluded was that once a critical number of monkeys learned that trick it spread massively making it a phenomenon. Scientists had given that critical number a numeric value of 99. The hundredth monkey is the critical one beyond which that cultural effect spreads quickly.

The same thinking can be applied to other ideas in the world. Once there is a critical number of people adopting a process, it becomes widely popular. It spreads like a virus. We can apply the same technique to group meditation. The reason, group meditation is less popular, is not enough people are doing it. If we achieve this critical mass number, we can make enough people on earth to participate in group meditations. The more people will join this movement, the more peace and happiness we will have in the world. No negative thoughts, no depression, no violence. A humble society with great positivity, enthusiasm and with a thought of well being of others.

So, let’s reach that magical number beyond which group meditation can start permeating all over the world. Create more group meditation events, invite more people to participate, create an event widget and put it on your website, blog and social media pages. Let’s all make it a success.

Here is a great video from Quantam Physicisy, John Hagelin, who explains how this powerful effect can bring the world peace.

5 Healing Powers of Group Meditation

group meditation healing powers

Meditation keeps us calm and peaceful. We all know that. It is a great stabiliser for our mind. A wandering mind that goes places to places in a fraction of second, can be tamed by doing meditation. Meditation heals us from various diseases. But, can doing meditation in groups has any significant effect on healing us? Let’s see the 5 healing powers of group meditation.

Reduce Your Ego

Most of us are blind by our own limited perspectives. We see things as we want to see them. We don’t understand the views of others. We always think, whatever we believe or whatever we do is the only right way and others are simply wrong. This is a bad way to live life. To have a wonderful life, you have to understand the perspectives of others.

Group meditation does that. When you come together in a group meditation event, you meet with different people. You listen to their views, you understand their thoughts and you feel their perspectives. These help in reducing your ego. You open up more, and you start being more helpful to others.

Spiritual Well Being

The combined spiritual power of group meditation is greater than individual meditations. Group meditation provides us prolific paths of spiritual well being. Sometimes, we know only one aspect of spirituality. That may be less impactive. While joining a meditation group, we explore the possibilities of higher spirituality.

Make New Friends

Living alone is a waste of life. We are social. We live in a community. Society gives us a sense of connectedness. Similarly, we meet new people and make new friends when we join a meditation group. Along with meditation, we expand our social friends circle, which is very much necessary to live a balanced life.

Learn From Others

Doing meditation alone may not be as effective as doing it in group. When we do it alone, we can’t compare ourselves. We believe what we do is right way of doing meditation. While in group meditation, we learn from others. Not only meditation, but also other aspects of life.

Helps to Maintain Regular Practice

Following a schedule is the key to a successful life. When we get diverted, we lose track of our focus. Doing meditation as an individual could be hard. As a human its quite possible to slip from your daily routine. Some days, you feel lazy and some days you are not in mood to do meditation practice. Group meditation keeps you regular in practicing your meditation.

Do you know about more healing powers of group meditation? Please let us know in the comments so that others will get benefitted by your tips.

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